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Entry Level

The goal of the Entry level is to introduce the handler to the expectations of the skill level needed to perform a successful musical canine freestyle performance.  The entry level tests the handler’s basic training foundation in the sport. All handlers will pass the Entry Level prior to submitting a performance in any Freestyle Division.  For handlers who have registered as a “team”, only one dog is required to perform the Entry Level components, however, multiple registered dogs from the team may also be used.  Entry level submissions are accepted daily.  Refer to the Dogs Can Dance Challenge™ Guide for instructions on how to perform the Entry Level Components.

Download the Entry Level Components and Score Sheet

Musical Canine Freestyle Divisions

The Dogs Can Dance Challenge is proud to offer three uniquely different divisions in the sport of canine freestyle.

The three divisions offered are:

  • Classical Freestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Music Interpretation

The three divisions allow the handler the choice to earn titles where their interests lie, or to become well rounded by completing all three divisions as required to earn the title of “Dogs Can Dance Championship”.   For a definition of each division, please refer to the Dogs Can Dance Challenge™ Guide.

The Dogs Can Dance Challenge™ encourages training and performing from the young stages of puppyhood to advanced senior age.  If you have a disabled dog, the Dogs Can Dance Challenge™ welcomes you as well.  Visit “Bella’s Story” for more inspiration.