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Instructional Materials Dogs Can Dance® offers many at home study programs to further your education in the art and sport of musical canine freestyle. These programs range from the introductory level for handlers with no experience to preparing for performance! For those of you with senior dogs, overweight dogs, or retired competition dogs, there is even a program devoted to freestyle for this quickly increasing population in the canine world. For those of you whose dream is to become an instructor in this sport, Dogs Can Dance® offers Instructor Manuals for the Introductory Level, Beginning Level, and Intermediate Level . Today is the day to take the first step toward making that dream a reality.

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Instructor Training Manuals

As interest in Canine Freestyle grows throughout the country, the need for trainers increases.


If you would like to add the sport of canine freestyle to your curriculum, Dogs Can Dance offers you three complete six-week courses.

An Introduction to Canine Freestyle for absolute beginners which focuses on "content". This program includes an audio CD and video DVD. ($100.00)

Beginning Freestyle Program called "The Next Step", explores the "concepts" of creating for your unique team. ($90.00)

Intermediate Handler's Program called "Moving Forward", develops strong movement and aesthetic handling skills. ($90.00)

Each instructor's manual includes detailed lesson plans, homework for your classes, and suggestions for developing and advertising your classes.

As an added benefit, you can increase your earnings by purchasing the student's manuals at a discount and selling them to your students as well!

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Suggested prerequisite to this program: The Next Step, Beginning Freestyle Program.
Total Cost: 
$280.00 when purchased individually
$250.00 when purchased together (Save $30.00)

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Additional Coaching

Need day to day coaching no matter where you reside? Dogs Can Dance® offers several opportunities to assist you and encourage you on this incredible journey. Click on the link and ask to join!

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Stepping Out: Preparing for Performance:

“Having devoured my manual the night it arrived, I, too, encourage everyone to purchase it. If you think you are not ready, that it is too advanced for you, it is not. Yet, if you are already at competition level, it is for you too. Clear, thought provoking, inspiring, Judy offers new approaches to just about everything. Now it will take months to go back through the manual and absorb the information. Applying the concepts, exercises, mental prep, and all the other juicy tidbits will  be ongoing.
I suggest everyone with any interest in Canine Musical Freestyle buy this manual!”

-- Jackie, Northern California Handler